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About Our Store and Services

We specialize in helping manufactures in China sell their products directly to a USA consumer base. We work directly with manufactures to select products we know will sell. Then we develop marketing strategies specifically for those manufactures and their products to drive traffic and sales.

Pre Screened Products

Every product sold is reviewed and approved by us to ensure it is desirable to our buyers and can generate significant sales. If the buyers are not interested in the product, or the product is not competitive in the market, it is not good for either partner. This step prevents that.

Product Photos

In order to sell products directly to a USA customer the images and product photos must be of the highest professional quality. We will guide you in this process to ensure your products look great and are a step above your competitors. This will ensure customer faith in buying.

Attractive Design

We work very hard to give our website, iPhone and Android apps the latest, high quality designs. Each app is reviewed and designed for it's intended platform to look great overall, and also to make sure each product listing is of high quality and professional.

24/7 Help

We are available at any time to help our parnters with their results, improve sales, improve marketing efforts, and increase sales. You will not be left alone, and will always have a professional available to help you improve your results and increase your revenues.

Targeted Marketing

We will market your products specifically and drive qualified traffic to your listings. Unlike other sites and services, our marketing team works every day for each partner to ensure we have a regular stream of buyers viewing the products. We will also work directly with you to optimize your listings for the results you need.

Outside Results

Our marketing team not only specializes in online sales, but we also have extensive distribution partners in many parts of the world. There is also the possibility that through our connections we can find traditional distribution channels for your product line. If so, we will contact you and work out specifics on a case by case basis.

How It Works?


Select the plan that best fits your ambitions for both number of products and commitment to monthly marketing. The more you commit, the higher the potential traffic and the better your potential sales.

Product Review

One of our product reps will work directly with you to review your product line up and choose the products that have the most potential to sell to a US consumer.

Asset Approval

Once we have your product list it will then be incredibly important to get the right images, photos, videos, and data to sell your product. We will make sure we cater your sales materials on the list to appeal to our customers.

Start Selling

Once the product listings are approved we will publish the listings and start the marketing process to generate sales. Sales will continue to grow as we work with you and fine tune the listings and offers.

App Screenshots

Listing Price Options

We have two options to get started based on how many products you would like to list and how aggressive you want to be in promoting your products. The listing fees are due on a yearly basis.

Premium Listing


Per Year

  • Yes Priority Ranking
  • 20 Products
  • 10 Images per Product
  • 2 Videos per Product
  • 5 Sub Accounts
  • Yes Additional Advertising Package

Marketing Package


Per Month

  • Yes CPC campaigns
  • Yes Social Network Campaigns
  • Yes Remarketing Campaigns
  • Yes Mobile Campaigns
  • Yes Hot Product Promos
  • Yes Preferred Seller Listing
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Basic Listing


Per Year

  • No Priority Ranking
  • 5 Products
  • 5 Images per Product
  • No Videos per Product
  • 2 Sub Accounts
  • No Additional Advertising Package

Marketing Package


Per Month

  • Yes CPC campaigns
  • Yes Social Network Campaigns
  • Yes Remarketing Campaigns
  • Yes Mobile Campaigns
  • No Hot Product Promos
  • No Preferred Seller Listing
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The New Vision Global stores and mobile apps are currently under development with a release date scheduled for Q1 2018. Store rollout and marketing are scheduled to start at this date and build awareness and sales in time for the holiday season.